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Our current tutors are:


Anna Langford –  Anna is a recent post graduate student of Elam school of Fine Arts.  A practicing multimedia artist working mainly in sculpture, photography and drawing, she has exhibited in Auckland and Berlin.  Anna has a keen interest in working with children and fostering artistic potential.

Antonia Nisbitt – Antonia is an emerging artists with a degree in Fine Arts from Auckland University of Technology.   She has also completed her certificate in Visual Arts.. Her previous experience as a senior leader at Sunshine Ranch Outdoor Centre has lead her to a passion for both youth and fine arts. She is currently working towards a postgraduate level qualification in Fine arts and Art Education.

Jessica Ellis – Jess graduated from Whitecliffe College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2014. Since then she has completed a number of public art works and private commissions. Jess is represented by Warwick Henderson Gallery, she had her first solo exhibition ‘Colliding Information’ during ArtWeek Auckland October 2015. As well as spending time in her studio, Jess also works part time at the Haus of Flox showroom in Ponsonby. Jess loves working with children and encouraging creative skills and ideas.

Gabrielle Maffey – Gabrielle has been teaching at Fine Young artists for four years and has a real enthusiasm working with youth. Studying Architecture at the University of Auckland, she has a passion for creativity as well as an applied work ethic

Pippa Fay – Pippa is a fine arts graduate from Canterbury University, majoring in sculpture.  She has a background in illustration and has had experience in animation, illustration and craft making. She has used this experience and training to persue her own career in illustration. She enjoys promoting and supporting young local artists in the community and has previously tutored and mentored drawing as part of a community youth workshop. Pippa loves working with children and believes creativity and art can help children to express themselves and develop important life skills.

Taja Farslow – Taja has a degree in Fine Arts from Otago Polytechnic.  She works doing private commissioned Portraits, in Oil or detailed Graphite sketch. Her favorite subjects?, you guessed it, Children. Taja has a love of drawing and colour, both being the foundations to great Art She believes anyone can make great Art, we just need to take the time to slowdown and carefully observe what is in front of us. Children especially enjoy realising their potential and seeing real results in her classes.

Alastair Fernandes – Alastair is a graduate from Unitec with a Bachelor in Design and Visual Arts.  His work takes inspiration from cartoons such as Arthur, Regular Show, Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck, and comics such as Calvin and Hobbes, Asterix and Tintin. He’s excited about working with kids so he can encourage them to follow their passion in art.

Hannah Ireland – Hannah is a third year Auckland University conjoint student who is currently studying Psychology and Fine Arts at the Elam school of Fine Arts. Hannah considers her creative practice interdisciplinary, with a particular interest in the psychology of painting, print and darkroom analogue photography. Hannah is passionate about working with children and facilitating/encouraging creativity. 
Georgia Arnold – Georgia is currently studying at Elam school of Fine Arts. Her art practice is multi disciplinary, focusing on drawing, sculpture and painting. She also has a love for illustration, and has illustrated a book alongside Gabrielle Maffey. Georgia has been teaching at Fine Young Artists for 2 years, where she enjoys working with children to encourage creativity and self expression.

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