What parents say about FYA Toggle

  • My daughter Sophie has thoroughly enjoyed attending Fine Young Artists for the past 2 years.  It is one of the few activities that she is always eager to continue with term after term.  Her artistic skill have flourished under the expert step-by-step tuition provided, and she is always very proud of her finished works.  I have been very impressed with the enthusiasm of her tutors and the quality of each piece, and would not hesitate to recommend these classes to other parents.
    - Shona Wilkinson

  • My daughter has been with Fine Young Artists for about 2 years and she loved it. We still have proof of her fantastic work which made great gifts for family and friends even though I was very protective of them as they are so beautiful. Each term they explored different  materials, styles and mediums. Kira had the pleasure to be taught by Claudia who is a very talented and skilled artist herself but also a wonderful teacher. Lexie has been great with any concerns and has helped us in many ways. I highly and whole heartedly recommend “Fine Young Artists”.
    - Gloria Seaman

  • My son Lachlan has been attending the Fine Young Artists programme over the past 4 years. Our walls at home are filling up with his artwork and he takes so much pride in what he has created.  Having come from overseas, I found this programme absolutely first class in everything Lexie and her highly skilled tutors do. I love the way the programme takes inspiration from some of NZ’s  famous artists so much so that when family or friends come to visit they go wow and ask “who is the artist”!  I can highly recommend Fine Young Artists for your children.  They will love it and and you will too when you see the end result.    We are lucky to have such a programme available for our children.
    - Robyn Kenna

  • Madison started with Fine Young Artists at 5 years old and when she came home with her first canvas of beautifully crafted fruit, we were simply blown away. She continued for 5 more years and we have a house full of wonderful works of art that we are all extremely proud of.  She wants to gift them to people and I struggle to let them go!  Her time with Fine Young Artists well and truly established an already present love of art, gave her a fantastic exposure to many styles and mediums, and Madison’s passion and dream has become “to be a famous artist in Paris” :-)    Our second daughter Holly at age 7 has just started this term, and we have never seen her more focussed on anything, and again the work is beautiful.  Don’t hesitate, if your kids have any kind of interest in art – book them in, they will love it, and grow so much.  Google the importance of art building kids brains, the benefits are incredible and at Fine Young Artists the results amazing.
    - Adrienne Clarke