About Us

We are an After-School Fine Arts programme specifically designed for kids who are passionate about art and we run classes in different schools around Auckland. 

We teach children to make art in the manner of a specific artist by modelling our programmes on role model NZ & International artists.  

At Fine Young Artists your child will: 

-  gain knowledge and appreciation of New Zealand & International artists

-  confidently experiment with new techniques while experiencing a wide variety of art materials

 -  develop better drawing skills because all our programs have a fundamental drawing component.

 -  gain a greater understanding around composition and spatial awareness.

 -  learn thinking processes that can be applied outside of the art classroom.

How we work

Every term, at each school, we run a different 8 week programme. Our emphasis is
on art-making techniques and processes and this is what sets us apart from other art

Your child will work on one piece of artwork over an eight week period guided
through each step by our qualified tutor.  

Our classes are the perfect way to develop your child’s artistic potential.  Your child
will be inspired and the results will amaze you.

Meet the team