Our Programmes

All of our term programmes are 8 weeks long, with classes running  once a week,  after school from 3 – 5.15pm. For more information on individual programmes  click on the programme name below.  To find out what day your school runs the Fine Young Artists programme click here.

Cover Stories — mixed media on MDF spines

Your artwork is like a stack of books, all written about you, a pile of story books about your life, things you have done, places you have been, moments you want to remember. We teach you to design lettering, illustrate, paint and put your own special signature logo onto each book, creating your very own quirky visual library.

Role Model Artists: Peter Gibson Smith and Lynley Dodd (New Zealand)

Family Flight — mixed media, drawing & painting on wooden board

By looking at images, symbols and text that relate to your own families, we help you create a wonderful and very personalised ‘bird flying by’ view of a special family place. You draw numerous objects and learn to abstract and create your own design patterns as well as learning a variety of painting techniques. This is a powerful and exciting programme influenced by two exceptional NZ artists.

Role Model Artists: Don Binney and Shane Cotton (New Zealand)

Iconickiwiana — drawing and painting on wooden board

Through a study of proportion and layout, you will transform the packaging of a famous NZ grocery brand/item into a painterly statement, using a text border to complete our homage to two great Kiwi artists – who are almost as iconic as the props we use.

Role Model Artist: Nigel Brown and Dick Frizzell (New Zealand)

It’s All About Me — mixed media drawing and painting & graffiti on wooden board

This programme celebrates the quirky language and images of your childhood. Using contemporary graphic qualities from the world of advertising, comics and graffiti and combining them with some fun new painting techniques you create a bold and modern statement that is “all about me”.

Role Model Artist: Gordon Bennett (Australia)

Juicy Visual Feast— mixed media drawing and painting on box wooden board.

You will explore many contemporary drawing and painting techniques. We will teach you the art of gestural painting, which encourages you to paint in a loose style. Combining realism with abstract design and a gorgeous colour palette your masterpiece is almost edible.

Role Model Artist: Paul Cezanne (Provence)

Hazy Holidaze — mixed media drawing on wooden board

This programme is fully committed to helping you explore the art of drawing. A kit of old-time memorabilia forms the basis of our complex, mixed media study and the result is reminiscent of a by-gone era.

Role Model Artists: Michael Shepherd (New Zealand) and Leonardo Da Vinci (Italy)

Making Tracks— mixed media on canvas panel

This painted map of a playground is done on loose canvas. You will see over and through stairs, ropes and climbing structures as you navigate tracks and paths to and from each playground element. You explore overlaying shapes, illusory space, optical patterning, text and a range of paint techniques.

Role Model Artists: Philip Trustum & Patrick Malone (New Zealand)

Mystery Garden — mixed media drawing & stenciling on fabric covered wooden board

Imagine a sunny day explore down to the very end of the garden where you look into the bushes at ground level. This sun-dappled environment is what you will create by applying dye to a fabric covered board – a mystical garden backdrop in lush colours. You will use stenciling techniques to give texture and to create layers and later, using pencils and oil pastels you will enhance your foliage and hide within it delicately drawn critters and creepy crawlies of your own design.

Role Model Artists: Richard Killeen and Rae West (New Zealand)

New York Minute — mixed media drawing, stenciling, and design on loose canvas

Looking at graphic design and contemporary drawing techniques, you create a fabulously finished artwork on a large canvas. You will use different media and a neutral colour palette to create dynamic, sophisticated artwork themed on “the happenings at a specific time in your favourite city”.

Role Model Artist: David Carson (USA)

Beachcombing — mixed media painting & drawing on 9 canvas boards

What do you find when you beach-comb the tide line? A mixture of man-made and natural objects randomly placed by the tide. Textures borrowed from the patterns of nature underlie your artwork. Natural beach objects form the second layer and these in turn are overlaid by found man-made objects to form your third layer. This work is completed on 9 separate canvases that come together to form one masterpiece in the gridded style of John Reynolds.

Influenced by: John Reynolds & Juliet Peter (New Zealand

On Top of My World — drawing and painting on stretched canvas

Working on a landscape canvas you have fun with expressive and realistic painting techniques. We teach you the art of gestural brush strokes and layering techniques that help you create a large luscious landscape painting – your very own slice of New Zealand. If you have a favourite holiday spot that you would like to capture on canvas for this programme, you are welcome to bring along your own photograph to work from.

Role Model Artist: Toss Woollaston (New Zealand)

Plant Mania— mixed media collage, drawing & painting on round wooden board

Exploring the rich and powerful colours and quirky tropical plant forms influenced by Claudia Pond Eyley and Pat Hanly you take a detailed look at various painting techniques, the art of perspective and layering to produce a fabulous painting.

Role Model Artists: Claudia Pond Eyley and Pat Hanly (New Zealand)

Robotika— mixed media drawing & painting on box wooden panel

It is night-time in your futuristic city and robot technicians have come out to fix and maintain their bionicle friends. Using Lego as your inspiration, you design your own robots and bring them to life using paint and stickers to creating an intriguing and intricate masterpiece.

Role Model Artists: Ted Dutch and Sara Hughes. (New Zealand)

Shiney Happy People — mixed media drawing, painting and collage between two pieces of perspex

You will deconstruct the components of a favorite family/friends photo. Two sheets of perspex form your canvas between which you will reconstruct your own version of the photo using a bright bold colour palette inspired by role model artist Jeffrey Harris. . You use paints, collage, oil pastels and pencils to build layers between the perspex, creating a truly unique and often abstract portrait of family and friends.

Role Model Artist: Jeffrey Harris (New Zealand)

This Land is My Land — mixed media drawing, design and painting on loose canvas

This is a very exciting and tactile programme that explores Hotere’s belief that we all have a role as ‘guardians of the land’. You work on canvas and use various mediums, effects and many contemporary painting techniques to create a funky and industrial yet meaningful artwork.

Role Model Artist: Ralph Hotere (New Zealand)

Wild Wiggles and Squiggles — mixed media drawing, painting and mark making on 12 mdf tiles

This is an extremely fun and tactile mixed media programme using all sorts of materials and techniques. You will explore and experiment with indian ink, modelling paste, paint, pastels, pencils, splattering, dribbling, etc. No less than 12 separate artworks come together to form this dynamic, textured masterpiece. This is a great programme for children who love creative freedom.

Role Model Artists: Max Gimblett and Nicky Foreman (New Zealand)

Where the Wild Things Go — drawing, painting and design on 3 small boxed wooden boards

First you look at drawing animal parts then redesigning your own creative animal characters. You then move on to combine these with random everyday objects in different spatial environments. You use a variety of mediums and painting techniques to produce this quirky and intriguing triptych.

Role Model Artists: Bill Hammond and Hemi MacGregor (New Zealand)

Pieces of Me — mixed media drawing, painting and collage on mdf board

Working with a variety of different media on wallpaper, you simplify and modify the portrait as it becomes the puzzle elements that make up “the pieces of me”, creating a very contemporary collage in the manner of role model artist, Will Handley.

Influenced by: Will Handley (New Zealand)

Discover Drawing

Objectives: To increase the range of drawing skills that each learner has experience of and can, therefore, choose to apply to a drawing exercise.

Learned Skills & Techniques: Through a combination of fun and serious drawing exercises, using different and varied subject matter, students will learn about the following drawing skills

Proportion; Shape; Weight of Line; Observation; Recording texture or surface; Different media; Perspective; Point of view; Foreground/mid-ground/background; Composition; Negative and positive space; Cropping; Placement; Mapping; Highlighting. …..and drawing techniques:

Blind drawing; Tonal drawing; Observational drawing; Speed drawing; Gestural drawing.