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Affordable visual arts professional development and art specialist workshops taught to your staff and students at your school!  And we travel!  DiscoverArt is a series of 90 minute back to basics workshops for primary and intermediate schools.  They are taught as both a Professional Development Workshop for teachers and/or an Art Specialist workshop for children.

Workshop themes:  Discover Drawing; Discover Colour; Discover Perspective; Discover Paint Technique; Discover Tint, Tone & Shade.

As experienced art educators we know that good quality, professional development and art specialist programs are scarce.  So we created DiscoverArt – a series of workshops designed as stand-alone or cumulative learning experiences.  Each workshop focuses on a specific art-making technique because a sound understanding of the core competencies that underpin good art-making practice is as fundamental to art-making as core numeracy is to mathematics.  These visual competencies, such as developing keen observational skills and accurate recording enhance learning in other areas of the curriculum.

Professional Development:  As a PD workshop DiscoverArt takes a lot of the hassle and cost out of PD.  In a 90 minute workshop your staff can enhance their skills without having to travel to an off-site location or organize relief teaching.    Ideal to run as a one-off or regular staff training session;  or try 3 different workshops across one staff training day;  cost effectively tack a workshop onto the end of a day of art specailist workshops. discover3

“DiscoverArt provided the perfect package for our school to explore, experiement and challenge our existing thinking around our delivery of the visual arts.  DiscoverArt was able to assist us in discovering a positive and constructive way forward.  Having an expert artist/teacher working alongisde both students and teachers proved invaluable and gave us the confidence to enable us to teach meaningful art prohgrammes within our classrooms reglardless of our own skill level.  Learning to trust our eyes has become the key message in our approach to teaching our students to draw – and sketching has become a regular and important part of our art programmes.”  Andrea Devane, Team Leader, David Street School, Morrinsville.

As an Art Specialist workshop, DiscoverArt is an inspiration and fun in the classroom learning experience ideal for children in years 2 to 8. Children of all levels will be challenged and the outcomes will amaze both you and your students. We require a minimum of one day commitment (1 workshop x 3 classrooms or 3 workshops x 1 classroom).  The most cost effective way is to run one workshop across a few year groups across a few days.

discover2“It’s hard to make art look real but it helped to talk about drawing with our eyes, not what our brain thinks”.  “It’s cool that our teacher is now able to help us add shadow and detail to our drawings”.  David Street School students