Terms & Conditions

After-school course fees must be paid in full by the end of the first week of class. All fees include GST. There is a material cost of $30 for each programme.

Any fees that have been discounted and remain unpaid after the first two weeks of class will revert back to their full term fee and will be reinvoiced as such.

School Holiday course fees must be paid in full prior to class commencing. All fees include GST and materials.

Refunds given after the course has commenced are at the discretion of Fine Young Artists.

Sessions will not be run on Public Holidays and Staff Only days but will be made up thereafter.

Fine Young Artists reserves the right to postpone or cancel any class or amend class timing if necessary;  We also reserve the right to substitute course tutors, but will make every effort to inform enrolled students or their caregivers.

Fees are still payable for unattended sessions.

Confirmation of enrolment will be only made once payment has been received.  Receipts of payment will be given upon request only

All effort has been made to ensure the information on this website is correct however changes may be made at the discretion of Fine Young Artists

Fine Young Artists staff will exercise all reasonable care and safety during the programme. However, in the event of a child requiring urgent medical treatment, the supervisor will arrange this at the child’s caregiver’s expense.

Any child requiring any special attention, for whatever reason (be that special learning needs, other medical conditions etc) must be notified to us prior to the first lesson and they will only be admitted to the programme if Fine Young Artists is entirely satisfied that they will be able to conduct themselves in a “normal” manner while participating in the class, or an agreed plan is put in place to address these needs that does not require our tutors to overly focus on this child any more than they would for any other child without these needs.

All children are responsible for their own personal property.

At the end of each term your child’s artwork (only) will be photographed for exhibition on the Fine Young Artists website.  Fine Young Artists reserves the right to use this image for promotional purposes (only) on the Fine Young Artists website and printed brochures.

Should any child be withdrawn from the class or not complete the full 8 weeks no refund will be made.